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Christian Louboutin

into christian's mind

challenge Create mystique around the launch of Christian Louboutin Beauty’s (CLB) new perfume line, and increase online store traffic and sales.

solution Offer a window into the mind and creative process of Christian Louboutin the man, illustrated through playful, ‘magical’ Instagram Story content.

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Clio AwardsSilver Fashion & Beauty - Prestige: Social Media

When our friends at RXM Creative asked us to help them create and produce the new CLB campaign, we couldn't say no. Christian Louboutin has always had the aspirational quality a luxury brand of it’s stature demands. Entering into the category of fragrance, we understood we needed something fun, fresh and unexpected. left quotation markA magical quality right quotation mark Spending any amount of time with the man, it quickly becomes clear his creative process exudes a magical quality. We decided to run with that feeling and create playful off-the-cuff moments in his day that give viewers a glimpse of that experience. And it worked!

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