Written by: Kworq Team on Fri Nov 20

What We’re Lovin’

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We’re back again with our favorite ads of the week! We know you’re probably thinking, “This is the best news ever!” and we completely agree with you! We sincerely hope you had an extraordinary week filled with relaxation, netflix, a little bit of work, and copious amounts of coffee. We spent the entire week meticulously scouring the interwebs for our favorite ads of the week for your pleasure (to be fair half of the time was spent watching cute animal videos.) From Lipton Tea to Nespresso Coffee this week killed the ad game.

 T.O by Lipton

Why We Like It: Some of the things that impress us most in this world include competitive eaters, people who manage to capture the perfect moment in a Snapchat story, and the Cirque du Soleil performers - in no particular order. This T.O by Lipton ad is so visually captivating it’s impossible for us to look away. The fluid movement of acrobats is meant to represent the new visible brew orb, which becomes obvious by the end of the ad. This spot is the perfect marriage between inspirational artistry and product, making it memorable and innovative - and isn’t that always the goal of creating an ad? After watching this spot we have decided it’s imperative that we 1. Join the circus and 2. Drink some tea - in no particular order.


Why We Like It: Yes, we did just ask you to watch a Barbie commercial but we promise there is a sparkling means to this pink colored madness. This ad is a huge deal because it is the first ever Barbie spot to feature a boy! The commercial is for the new Moschino Barbie and the little boy is based on the creative director of Moschino, Jeremy Scott. This ad is the perfect example of how brands and their marketing efforts must grow and change, or they will flounder and eventually fail. The ad itself follows the same cheesy Barbie commercial protocol with award winning smiles and lines like “Look at those shoes, that belt, and that hair!” but alas, we must choose our battles. It is also one giant step towards eliminating prejudice based on gender and sexual orientation. If this doll didn’t cost $150 we would probably be a new barbie owner.

Gender Equality

Why We Like It: This ad is simple, direct, and insanely important. The ad asks girls ranging from 7-14 if specific statistics about women are from 1915 or 2015. The ad focuses on the unfathomable amount of women who are impoverished and uneducated. We love this ad because educating the youth is crucial to raising awareness and improving our society. We can also learn a lesson from the way this ad was created, it’s easy to forget that sometimes, if the content is strong enough, it doesn’t need to be overpowered by graphics or “fluff” and simplicity can be key.

Bear Attack

Why We Like It: There are so many reasons we might need to just list this one.

  • The cast of New Girl.
  • An important message is being told through humor.
  • Uses an amazing metaphor for sexual assault.
  • Informing the masses on a scary truth.
  • This quote “Lamorne, stop doing magic you’re not good at it.”
  • Celebrities using their celebrity for good.
  • Did we mention is was funny?


Don’t forget to check back next week to see what we’re lovin’!



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