Written by: Kworq Team on Thu Nov 12

What We’re Lovin’

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From Ikea to Audi, this week in ads is sparking our imaginations. It was a week filled with animation, creativity, and straight up badass storytelling. The ads are applaudable, while highlighting admirable causes. These ads help us grow and cultivate new ideas by forcing us to be both subjective and objective. We believe Keeping up with the Kulture is imperative to being successful in the digital age, and in our industry. Here are the ads of the week that ignite our creative minds!

Above the Influence


Why we like it: Teaming up with Maris Jones - a vine star with over 100,000 followers and over 40 million loops - is just good marketing. Aimed at high school students, the ad informs in a format that teens are familiar with and can relate to. Using stop-motion, the spot perfectly portrays the issues many kids face when trying to make every day decisions. With an important message and a unique vine-based format this ad seamlessly combines reality and imagination.


Why we like it: The adrenaline and excitement grabs us through the computer screen and makes us wish we could drive this car- even though the outcome would no doubt be disastrous. You also have to respect the company for trying to rebrand itself with a simple and unique spot after the whole “diesel emissions-gate”, where they did not tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The new chief executive Herbert Diess apologized promising a new and better brand, this ad makes us think he might be en route to accomplishing that goal (or at least making it look that way.)

Autism Speaks


Why we like it: How could we not like this ad is a better question. With 3D animations and a story based on a real child named Jacob who has Autism, this is a stellar, informative, and creative ad. The ad is to help parents realize the early signs of Autism, which can help their child immensely. Not only is the message so important, the stop motion animation is really quite impressive, which every Parks and Rec fan knows can be quite time consuming thanks to Ben Wyatt’s short, “Requiem for a Tuesday.” Did we mention that all the animations are based on real-life Jacob’s actual toys? Like we said, how could we not like it?


Why we like it: We started off wondering, “How does this relate to Ikea?” We ended off thinking, “Aww.” In this animation the line between imagination and actuality is blurred, and we love it! As creative people, it’s sometimes important to get lost in our own reality and that’s exactly what this spot allows us to do. This ad also reminds us that having “Peter Pan Syndrome” can be a powerful thing and we can apply that philosophy to everything, from raising our children to transforming a house/unrealistically cramped apartment into a home.



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