Written by: Kworq Team on Wed Nov 25

Interview with a Kworq-er

human hand with red nails extending from dripping orb with alien hand extending from right, grayscale with hints of red

For the past six months we’ve been in what I like to call, a kworqaissance - a reinvention of our former selves.

Previously, we identified as more of a boutique production company working with bigger agencies to execute the creative they conceptualized. We like that just fine, but we think we’re pretty creative ourselves and the people of the world deserve to see that. (We’re all about the people, after all.) So, we have become a fully-equipped design firm, (nicely) demanding more creative responsibilities from our clients.

As part of this renaissance, we recently re-designed, coded, and launched our new website and we’re working hard on our social media presence to show what we’re made of.

One way we love to show off what we’ve been working on is by pushing the boundaries on Instagram. Our Art Director (who recently just left us for maternity leave,) Ivy Liu was the real pioneer of us designing specifically to post on Instagram. So many creative individuals use Instagram as a gallery for their work - so why shouldn’t we?

Ivy knows how to visually capture a narrative like no other - be it one she has written herself, one we’ve discussed as a group, or a social conversation happening around the world. And she’s so good at pumping out fun animations or thoughtful videos that we don’t really take time to ask “Why.” Instead, we just let her work and marvel at the finished results.

This time though, we decided it was time to peer into her brain and assess where her inspirations come from, how she does it all, and why we use Instagram as our medium of choice.

What is your background?

I have a BFA in Graphic Design and a Masters in Design and Technology. During my stay in the MFA program, I started to have a crush on animation, video and installation. I love working with my hands, you can see in my MFA thesis called Circular Voyage. My husband and I built it from scratch. It’s technically considered a fine art piece but the components in this work really represent me and what I want to do. I want to build experiences that combine video, art, and design.

Where do you get inspiration for our posts?

I get a lot of inspiration from localprojects.net - they do a lot of interactive installations and public inventions. I am also always inspired by everyday life. My goal is to put out a piece that touches people and elicits a response instead of just “Oh that was pretty.” I want to trigger an emotion. Either anger, or a tear, or a burst of laughter. Only then they’ll remember what they’ve seen. Of course, it has to be pretty too.

Why do you like Instagram as a medium to show off our designs?

It’s always absolutely fun and exciting. I love working with it because it’s a surprise for myself every time. It’s a great way for us to gain exposure within our community as well as prospective clients, and a good way to show others who we are and what we do!

Have you had to teach yourself a lot when exploring how to use Instagram as a showcase for our talents?

Yes, I have to push myself every time to do the best work and research what’s in. And there are (technical) things that I want to do but can’t so I have to learn in order to accomplish it.

What’s the first thing you do when coming up with a design for Instagram?

Think of a message/story/concept. Then a medium and style with the thought of, “If other agencies or brands see this creative, maybe they will be drawn to us.” Or “Oh, these guys are able to do this so we should check them out.”

Why so many animations?

People love animations. I love checking out whats on Dribbble.com and their Instagram. It’s a simple thing that a lot of other agencies are doing. Either in a commercial or website or a how-to…it’s everywhere. Gifs are especially in now as well.

My goal is to make characters and animations that will trigger more emotions. It’s different to see an animated version of a person coming home and letting their pants loose so their tummy can finally hang out as opposed to a real person doing that. You can exaggerate more, push the boundaries, and have a little fun.


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