Written by: Cassie Lavo on Fri May 13

Elite Daily and Dailymail.com NewFront 2016 - It’s Time To Talk Interactive Video

Explore the future of advertising with interactive video, where user choices craft unique experiences. Dive into how this engaging format is changing the game.

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Virtual Reality. It’s all anyone is talking about at any given time in our industry. We’re not upset about it, but there’s more out there. During the Dailymail.com and Elite Daily Newfront yesterday the focus wasn’t virtual reality. The focus was Interactive Video…and we’re all about it.

What is Interactive Video?

Interactive Video is exactly what it sounds like: a video that allows users to interact, choosing their own unique experience. A popular interactive video template is the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style where users are presented with choices that lead them down different paths. Cool right? We think so.

An example. You click play. A video begins. You see someone sitting at a desk. Two options appear on the screen: WORK or PLAY. Hard choice, right? You click PLAY. Now that someone is no longer just sitting at their desk. They’re reclined in their chair with their feet on the desk, attempting to throw goldfish into their mouth. You made that happen. You triggered that. You clicked PLAY. And you now know what it feels like to get someone fired. Okay that didn’t happen, but don’t you feel more connected to the experience?

Connection. Choice. Variety. All of these can be accomplished with interactive video. During the Elite Daily portion of the New Front, Miguel Burger-Calderon talks about CraftED; Elite Daily’s Branded Content Studio and their plans to use Interactive Video with brands — specifically immersive, user guided journeys on mobile as that’s where their core audience spends their time.

Interactive Video is something we ourselves at Kworq have been working on for the past year. We think the power of choice and the ability for audiences to craft their own experience will change advertising. Last year, we worked with Verizon/NFL to concept and produce an immersive spot for Super Bowl XLIX. Join The Team was a personalized interactive video experience that gave fans the chance to join their favorite NFL team. With it’s success, we knew personalized, interactive content would be the next big thing — so we made Join The Team something everyone could experience — on the web and mobile.

Personalized Interactive Video puts the user first. With carefully crafted content, users have control and take away a unique experience. Truth be told, if given the options WORK or PLAY I would hit PLAY. But I would also rewatch the video and select WORK…and I have a feeling I am not the only one. Interactive Video: People may just play your video until they exhaust all options.

Cassie Lavo, Assistant Digital Producer

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