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rapunzel series

challenge SugarBearHair, a brand that burst to life with viral appeal on social media, needed a fresh campaign to turn heads and boost sales of their little blue gummy bear multivitamin.

solution In a trilogy of full-length videos and various cut-downs, take a tale as old as time - Rapunzel - and flip the narrative for all the modern day hair divas out there.

SugarBearHair storyboards

We knew Rapunzel had to make sense. She has a head of hair that would make anyone envious, after all. But the challenge was figuring out how Rapunzel made sense in a SugarBearHair world. After some creative concepting and scriptwriting we had our story.

Rapunzel, who was greatly admired for her luscious locks, was once kept in a tower by Dame Gothel, only to escape to a world where everyone had access to special vitamins that made their hair grow as lovely as hers.

How would Rapunzel fit in this new world if she was no one special? Watch the campaign to find out!

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