Written by: Kworq Team on Tue Mar 10

Why’d We Pick Yellow?

yellow background, black text, why yellow?

What our brand color says about us, and how we’ll work for you

When you see the color yellow, what comes to mind? We like to imagine you muttered the name of your favorite creative production agency to yourself (we’re blushing), right after mouthing words like “openness,” “confidence,” “creativity,” and “energy.”

As visual storytellers, we think how you look says a lot about how you’ll represent your clients. So when we picked yellow to represent us, we thought those qualities above best illustrate our process:


Openness: Kworq is all about direct lines of communication. Slack us when something is nagging at you in the middle of the night. Burst into our studio to say how you really feel about the latest creative. And it goes both ways. We’ll be upfront about our first impressions. We’ll challenge you to think about the story behind your brand, and the point of view your brand has on the world. Because what’s the use of an agency that’s only your yes-man?


Confidence: Yellow makes us warm and fuzzy inside, but confidence is backed up by cold, hard numbers. We’ll always have a soft spot for the work we make, but we also have an incessant need to check the click-throughs, the conversions, and the ultimate data point: your bottom line. It’s kind of an obsession 🤓 In the end, we want every client walking away feeling more confident in their brand than before.


CREDIT: NIKITA LISKOV (@nikitaliskov)

Creativity: Color psychology (yes, it’s a thing) suggests yellow energizes and opens the channels for creativity. This is a no-brainer for a creative production agency like ours. For inspiration we look inside (to our awesome staff) and out (curated in our agency’s very own finsta, @fdb813_).

In the end, how we look will always be a surface expression of something more inherent to us: how we work. Openness, confidence, creativity—it’s all part of our science of story, where creating your brand’s identity will always be a conversation: amongst our team, your business, and the audiences you reach.


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