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Dispatches from Home During Coronavirus

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How the Kworq Team is Staying Sane Working Remote

It’s getting real. Coronavirus has made its way through the U.S., and it seems like every other day marks a new way of living. Amid lockdowns, empty grocery stores, and a general sense of uncertainty, it can be tough to stay grounded in the age of social distancing. And we’re some of the lucky ones, able to work as the virus shuts down wide swaths of the economy.

So while hunkered down at home, we thought we’d share what keeps us sane—what keeps us motivated, our creative juices flowing, and generally lifts us up as we work through the crisis together. With love, from Kworq 💛

Alina: Here are things that help me to survive through quarantine: (1) Drawing—finally I have time to realize all my ideas; (2) Reading—books are doors to another universe. (3) Wine—good wine gives a taste to your life, even if you’re stuck in quarantine. But no more than 2 glasses or after quarantine you will have another problem 😅; (4) Walking around the neighborhood in an empty NYC—my favorite one. You have time to notice details. It’s also a quest to be around people and keep distance.

Bre: I feel lucky to have the space in a city like New York to create a separate area just for work. It helps me stay focused during the day and allows me to feel like I’m done once I step away! Did my husband and I lose our dining room table in the process? Yes. But I’ll trade couch/floor meals for a little bit of sanity. Also, MY BIKE (for exercise or emergency errands). Get me as far away from public transit as possible.

Cam: My Spotify playlists are always on in the background to help me stay focused and get sh*t done.

Chris: Working at home while homeschooling two kids ages 6 and 4 is challenging at best. I like to play hide and seek and take my time. See if you can find them.

Christa: I love reading on my commute to work in the morning, but working from home, it’s my commute to the shower. I love the author Jennifer McMahon, spooky books make it easier to stay inside when you’re too afraid to leave your room 😂

Christina: Is this too cliche to say my dog is keeping me motivated/inspired? He’s the only person I have to talk to while living alone. He’s also super floofy RN so that helps. Sometimes I run contracts by him. He went to law school, so he is usually able to offer some legal advice.

Guy: Being cooped up in the house with my family presents its challenges. But a healthy balance of booze and exercise keeps me sane. Both provide a different kind of release that I relish equally. 

Eurah: In this industry, working from home can get a bit tricky. Especially coming from a hyper communicative office like Kworq. Despite the unmentionable “challenges” of WFH, I’m thankful we can still earn a living during this RONA whirlwind. Here are a few things I like to do to keep me grounded: (1) Sit on the floor with my back against the couch and my laptop on the coffee table. (2) Do Tabata workouts in my living room. (3) Pet this ding dong every two seconds.

Isaac: These bad boys. Every now and then I’ll look at them when I need a good chuckle.

Joaquin: I don’t have a lot of room to really spread my wings (AKA my monstrous lats) like I do at my gym. But making due with what I have and getting the blood flowing helps me maintain focus and sanity in a tiny apartment.

Melanie: Taking moments to get some fresh air has helped me keep calm and motivated during this time. Hanging out on my roof or taking walks around my neighborhood—still appreciating the seasonal change!

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