Instagram Stories for Business. How to Use For Marketing.

How To Use Instagram Stories for Business | Social Media Marketing

Do you use Instagram for your business? Do you want to better understand how to leverage Instagram Stories to market your business? PERFECT!

Below we will cover the basics of Instagram Stories and ways to use Instagram Stories for business.


Instagram Stories are an Instagram feature set up much like Snapchat stories,allowing you to share images or videos from the last 24 hours.  While the feature is very similar, Instagram Stories leverages your current Instagram audience – so you do not have to build a following like you would on Snapchat (if you’re creating a new account).

At Kworq, we’ve found that Instagram Stories is a great place for us to market our business as our follower count continues to grow.


You don’t have to use Instagram Stories, but there is no reason not too! Posting an Instagram Story will help you gain exposure and maintain an always active presence. It creates an ongoing dialogue with your followers.

Here are some ways we have been using Instagram Stories that can apply to your business:


Not because they forgot, but because maybe they do not know.

Use Instagram Stories to market your business.

Most of your current followers will know what you do and why you do it, but if your audience is growing on a daily basis why not try and catch them while they are most engaged. Every once and while – share what it is you do.

We decided to create a series of illustrations that highlight the different offerings we do at Kworq.


Where’s your blog at?

How to use Instagram Stories for marketing.

Create snackable versions of your content specifically for Instagram Stories.  If you are blogging or creating content on a daily or weekly basis – you want people to read it. What better way than encouraging people with little snippets of your content on Instagram Stories.

If you are going to use Instagram Stories to promote other content you created – make sure to have a call to action OR let people know where they can head for that content.


Some nice behind the scenes action!

Instagram stories for promoting your business.

We often post photos of what is going on in the office, but Instagram stories allows us to do this more often and on a whim. Your users can feel more connected than ever before by showing them what you’re working on and you’re more than just a business.


Highlight employees, show company culture, and give more insight.

Use Instagram stories to highlight employees.

People are interested in company culture, they want to know you have great people working for you. They want to see those great people! Interview them in short videos, or share fun facts on each individual to keep things interesting..

At Kworq on Video Games Day we shared our favorite video games.

Instagram Stories is a great way for your company to get more content out there.

It doesn’t have to be super polished or incorporate illustrations like many of ours do. The best part about the format is it’s meant for content created on a whim – you don’t need to be Martin Scorsese to create a great Instagram Story.

Just take a second to think of who follows your Instagram account or who you would like to follow your account, then tailor your stories to those people!

If you have any questions regarding this topic or are looking for a creative agency to create social content give us a call or email


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