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MEET THE TEAM: Guy Peires | Co-Founder

Meet the team: Guy one of our creative agency's co-founders, on the roof of our office, city skyscrapers in the background

Guy considers Kworq to be his first full time job. Before running his own Creative Production Agency with co-founder Chris Sullivan, Guy worked as a DP and then Director/DP on commercials. Having grown up in South Africa, he made his way to Los Angeles at the end of ‘99, where he went to LA Film School, eventually settling in NYC in ‘02.

Guy has an anything can be done approach and questions what’s expected. He believes creativity is about problem solving and since we all have problems to solve, we are all creative.

What has been one the most exciting things about running your own Creative Agency?

Building a strong team and watching them do things I couldn’t.

Where were you photographed? Why was that your choice?

On the roof of our office building. Well… it was easy. And I love looking down on the city. It’s a quick change of view to keep things fresh. But the elevation isn’t good for hangovers. So watch out.

What’s the best thing about being situated in Soho?

The pigeons. Seriously, what’s the point of them? No really, it seems most people like working in this area. And a lot of our clients love coming down to meet with us here.



What led you to get into the advertising industry?

Starvation. It’s a playground for ideas and storytelling, so I think it’s an easy thing to fall into when you’re trying to be in a creative field.

What is your favorite part about working in advertising?

The endless supply of booze. Oh and all the crazy, off-the-wall weirdos you meet and build relationships with everyday.

What is your least favorite part about working in advertising?

Schmoozing. I’m horrible at it.



What’s the hardest part about what you do?

Starting from scratch each time. Every new project or campaign feels like a blank slate. Sure, we draw from past experiences and build on what we’ve learned, but each new concept requires a fresh take on things. And it always comes with some pain. Without that pain, I’d probably feel like we were calling it in.

Where do you want to be in five years?


What’s your greatest inspiration for what you do?

Conflict. Nothing like a difference of opinion that devolves into blinding rage to get you questioning your own reason for being.

What was the last thing you watched that you really liked? Why?

Chris crying… Because his low is my high. (uncomfortable silence) Okay, okay um… Humans Season 2 - it’s a drama that happens to involve conscious AI without too much action or SFX. And I’m a sucker for Sci-Fi.

How do you keep the creative juices flowing outside of Kworq?



All Photography By Gabriela Della Corna.


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