Written by: Cassie Lavo on Wed Jul 13

Embrace Your Geekness Day and PokemonGo

Celebrate Embrace Your Geekness Day with the PokemonGo craze and National French Fry Day! Dive into the fun of augmented reality and geek culture.

Man playing PokemonGo

Embrace Your Geekness Day is today July 13th. Oh, and it also happens to be National French Fry Day. With the boom of PokemonGo and the fact that french fries are amazing it’s unclear which made up holiday is better. Either way we have grown an interest in these Funny Days, because well…Twitter. On a daily basis we are reminded by the trending hashtags on Twitter that every day is now a special bizarre holiday.

Embrace Your Geekness Day is our favorite so far. We really liked this one because like everyone else, we too have fallen into the PokemonGo obsession. We all played Pokemon growing up on our Gameboys. We all can remember sharing the different versions of yellow, gold, red, and others with our friends and siblings. But PokemonGo is wildly different. And as it turns out, augmented reality is AWESOME!

Our offices are located in the heart of SoHo and as soon as we hit the streets we see everyone around us trying to catch Pokemon. I myself have already ran into a tree trying to catch Zubat, which was an unsuccessful and painful mission.. Chris, one of our Co-Founders also tried catching Zubat on the hood of a car this morning to later find out there was someone in the driver’s seat wondering just how far this crazy man would go to catch a Pokemon. Based on our experiences and the experiences of the rest of the country, augmented reality is kicking ass right now and completely addicting. But don’t forget, it also takes you away from actual reality and can create weird, awkward and possibly dangerous situations.

Let’s not focus on the dangers of playing PokemonGo today though. Let’s focus on what really matters - embracing your inner geek even if it means your job is on the line. Celebrate your inner Pokemon-loving nerd with us and this short we produced!


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