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Campaigns We Dig: Blink Fitness' Every Body is Happy

Blink Fitness' 'Every Body Happy' campaign celebrates body positivity in fitness, highlighting health over appearance in NYC's subway ads. #CampaignsWeDig

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Long gone are the days of outdated and culturally inept advertisements plastered on the insides of subway cars (sorry, Dr. Zimor.) In the past year or so, brands have upped the ante with their campaign strategies, presenting commuters with smart, funny and memorable visuals and slogans, enhancing the sometimes dreadful commuting experience.

To capture the wandering eye in this city of emphatic underground performances, fast-paced pedestrians, wide-eyed tourists, acute smells and more, brands must prioritize creativity and impact in advertising to stand out from the crowd.

So, with that, the Kworq team presents the first installment of #CampaignsWeDig — our new series highlighting some of our favorite ads and brand campaigns both IRL and on the great, big Internet. First up, Blink Fitness!

The unlimited fitness options in NYC makes it almost insufferable to decide which is best for you. Is Equinox’s sleek and sexy vibe the avenue to optimal fitness #goals? Or maybe ClassPass’ vast portal of 300+ boutique classes would cure decision fatigue? What ever happened to just your basic, no-nonsense neighborhood gym?

Sometimes, all you need is a simple treadmill and a set of weights to keep you moving — and Blink Fitness new campaign ‘Every Body Happy’ is here to remind everyone the same.

Here’s the breakdown of Blink Fitness’ Every Body Happy campaign where we discuss who’s who, why we love it and how it’s impactful.

The 4 Ws: Who, What, Where, Why

Who? Blink Fitness. A twist on your classic gym with a “premium quality, value-based” focus on fitness. The Blink Fitness experience is the “Feel Good Experience” where emphasis is placed on “Mood Above Muscle.” There are more than 50 locations open and in development throughout New York and Jersey.

What? Illustrated and live gifs featuring members of Blink clubs posing against vibrant backdrops and accompanied by slogans like “Feeling good is the new looking good,” and “Do it for the mood, not the mirror.”

image Where? All over NYC subway stations and other spots around the city.

Why? Blink’s campaigns taps into the pulse of the current body positivity movement, focusing less on the toned bodies we’re attuned to seeing in fitness campaigns and instead, celebrating all bodies that enjoy working out.

In a world where we’re bombarded with toxic standards of perfection, Blink is shifting the paradigm to encourage everyone to lead healthy lives, no matter what their look or size - and in doing so, obliterating fitness industry norms of what it means to be a ‘fit’ individual.

screen-shot-2016-03-01-at-85652-am*1200xx1863-1048-17-0 According to a survey conducted by Blink, 90% of Americans who exercised stated that their reasons for working out were non-physical — the most benefiting from stress alleviation and overall mood boosts.


The Takeaway So, how does the Blink experience live up to these animated campaign ads? Our graphic designer Kevin just recently joined a Blink in his Brooklyn neighborhood and had this to say:

“It isn’t any different than any other gym I’ve seen or been to, but in retrospect framing it a certain way might make it less intimidating, especially for someone who isn’t that involved with fitness.”


The real question is: On a scale of 1-Simone Biles, will my rope climbing skills reach gymnast level if I join Blink? To be determined.



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Article by: Krysten Peck


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