SXSW panel voting is open & It’s time to vote!

Every year, panelists submit entries to SXSW hoping theirs will be featured for the big event. Before a panel is chosen there is a Proposal Selection Process. The breakdown for the selection process is as follows Public Votes – 30%, SXSW Advisory Board – 40%, and SXSW Staff – 30%.

THE COMMUNITY ACCOUNTS FOR 30% of the final selection process! That’s a good chunk. So, it’s up to you, COMMUNITY to vote for your favorite panel…and if that panel happens to be Kworq’sPersonalization and the Art of Empathy,” then that would be just alright with us!


Step 1: Create A SXSW Account

To create an account click on this link:

Step 2: Confirm your newly made SXSW login.

Go to your email account you used to sign up and look for an email from [email protected]. Click on the link in the body of the email that will redirect you to sign in again.

Step 3: Login!!!  

Step 4: Click “PanelPicker”

Step 5: Click “Search/Vote”

Step 6: Search “Kworq” or term related to panel you are looking for.

Step 7: Click the panel you want to vote for.

Step 8: Click the thumbs up to vote!

Step 9: Share & celebrate!

Let your friends know who you voted for and encourage them to vote as well!  Follow that up with some serious high fives and craft brew from the fridge.



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