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Stranger Things We’ve Learned About Friendship

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Written by: Cassie Lavo

If you’ve watched Stranger Things then you already know how amazing it is. If you haven’t, then go. Go watch it right now. Mostly because you will want to watch it before reading this article and also because everyone’s talking about it and it’s amazing. Jump on the bandwagon.

The series begins with Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will. Four best friends have their worlds literally turned upside down. Will disappears. Eleven shows up. And friendship lessons continue to unfold. One of the great things about Stranger Things is the undeniable 80’s nostalgia. And one thing the 80’s blessed us with was tales of childhood friendship and adventure. Here’s what friendship looks like through the Stranger Things lens:

Friendship Rule #1: Friends Don’t Lie.

There could not be more going on in this neighborhood and the kids need to be able to trust each other. Mike teaches Eleven that honesty is the Number One rule. Friends Don’t Lie.

Friendship Rule #2: Never Leave A Man Behind.

At first, I thought Will was gone. Gone forever…. BUT Goonies never die and best friends never give up.

Friendship Rule #3: Even When Fighting Have Each Other’s Back.

Friends are people. And people often upset us. But when a friend is in danger you better let them know when THE BAD MEN ARE COMING.

Friendship Rule #4: Walkie Talkies. The Best Crews Have Them.

Screw cellphones. Walkie talkies are better. If you and your friends have walkie talkies, then you’re besties.

Friendship Rule #5: Hug Your Buddies.

Secret handshakes, fist bumps, and head nods are cool. But when your town is full of crazy and you finally get a second to breathe, hug. Hug your buddies. Because that’s what friends do.

And Lastly,

Friendship Rule #6: Always Befriend The Kid With Superpowers. Always.

Still wish you had superpowers? I get it, I do too. But you won’t get them. You could still run across someone that does have superpowers, however. And if you do befriend them. Never lose them.


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