met life stadium

challenge Deliver Fantasy Football insights directly to fans at Metlife Stadium, powered by SAP Data.

solution Developed a distinct workflow that allowed us to pull NFL data then visualize those statistics on the side of Metlife Stadium for a unique show prior to each home game.

2015-2016 NFL SEASON For the past two years at Metlife Stadium we've curated a pre-game show at the SAP plaza using SAP-driven fantasy insights. Using our custom Google App Script, the show focused on delivering SAP fantasy insights through sleek information design. Our seamless process allowed us to visualize data and statistics on a large scale for the SAP Daktronics board on the side of Metlife Stadium while allowing the stats to be pulled in on the fly each week. Then we curated that data and produced a weekly show that fans could enjoy before the game.

Custom built workflow and tool set The screen at MetLife required us to utilize pre-rendered videos. Our goal was to showcase up-to-the-minute fantasy stats, so we built a custom workflow and tool set to pull analytics into a database and render to a video on the fly.

2017 NFL SEASON For the third year, we wanted to focus more on the fans instead of the fantasy insights. Instead of a predetermined graphic show each week, we filmed tailgating fans while they gave us their best game-day insight for the upcoming team match up. Then we curated a live-show before each game comprised of three fan insights. Those gathered at the plaza chose a winning fan insight and the winning fan received tickets to a future game.