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ice wool launch

challenge Produce an innovative social campaign to introduce Samuelsohn's new, exclusive ICE Technology fabrics at NYFWM.

solution Produce an icey social campaign leading up to NYFWM, livestream the iconic show (on ice!) and produce a post-show content strategy driving engagement and increasing followers.

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The strategy was comprised of three major components: pre-show coverage, a NYFWM takeover & livestream, and a post-show content wrap. The tone was set up front with mood-oriented visuals alluding to the soon-to-be-revealed ICE line. After the show we continued with behind-the-scenes shots, short video clips, and look book photos. We also implemented a #passionXperformance hashtag to heighten visibility of Sameulsohn posts and promote brand awareness.

left quotation markPassion and Performance right quotation mark To introduce the foundations of the ICE fabric technology, we focused the social strategy around a grid aesthetic - curating Samuelsohn's feed like a gallery to reflect the same level of sophistication and luxury the brand embodies. The macro individual photos featured natural elements, models & athletes, and refined fabrics. One mood board was posted daily, sharing three separate snapshots at different times of the day resulting in one final macro image.

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