Smart Sheets Scan Koala 3D Phone Screen


smart sheets

challenge Nanit was in search of some eye-catching and aww-inducing content to accompany the launch of their new product, Smart Sheets.

They wanted something fresh that still felt like it was a part of the Nanit brand.

solution We decided to go big and create an entire tiny world in 3D to tell the Smart Sheets story. It was a nice visual tie to the new 3D panels we had made for the Nanit Website relaunch.

The idea was to keep the story light and playful while ultimately getting across the point that Smart Sheets make measuring your baby a breeze!

When paired with Nanit's baby monitor, Smart Sheets can help measure your baby and track their growth over time, right in the Nanit app.

The Nanit camera actually sees the custom-designed pattern on the Smart Sheets and processes height measurements in real time. This makes tracking height much less of a chore when rulers and squirming babies aren't involved!

left quotation markWe're seeing a 12x ROAS, the highest performing ad within the entire campaign. right quotation mark
Currently it is performing with a 12X return on ad spend, the highest performer among the entire Smart Sheet campaign! We can't wait to see where it goes from here.

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