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Baby Steps to Giant LeapsNanit

Tech innovator to a beloved brand

The Challenge

The Solution

Boosted content creation by
Nanit's growth surged
Nanit Logo Image of babies in crib. Above the babies head is a Nanit camera
Image of Nanit camera and app above image of baby wearing Nanit tracking band
Image of a Nanit brand bible mock up
Women holding Nanit Pro Packaging
Nanit Pro Packaging die cut
Animation of a baby sleep timeline. Starting at 3 months and continuing through 18 monthsPink background with small moons and zzz'sAnimation of times showing how much sleep tracking Nanit cameras have done since inception.
image of Aaron Pollack

Aaron Pollack, Chief Marketing Officer, Nanit

"As our AOR, Kworq has proven to be an excellent, strategic partner, and helped drive consistency and quality for the brand. They've managed to handle everything we've thrown at them - packaging design, advertising, overall branding and more."