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challenge Nanit constantly found themselves onboarding freelancers for their marketing needs, leading to disjointed visuals and copy.

solution Make everyone go “oooh” and “awww.” Create a consistent design language that highlights Nanit’s cutting-edge technology, while elevating the brand from tech startup to a family company.

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Nanit made waves in the tech and baby space when it released a baby monitor that tracked sleep—all through computer vision (extremely cool, we think so too). But as the company expanded its product line to encompass more aspects of a baby’s life, the brand needed help evolving from tech darling to a family brand.

We became Nanit’s primary production arm, creating a coherent visual language: from illustrations to packaging to product photography. And as we continue working with Nanit in developing their branding and positioning, we get to see a client-partner grow and flourish. We’ll say it’s almost as rewarding as raising a child.

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State of Sleep 2020 - the Latest and Greatest Research on Baby and Parent Sleep

With years of experience providing sleep insights for families around the world, Nanit released the first-of-its-kind report on baby sleep. That meant distilling, visualizing, and communicating data...lots of it. In total, Nanit tracked 54 million hours of sleep, 12 million parental visits, and 5 million morning wake-ups.

In consultation with Nanit’s resident sleep expert, the 2020 State of Sleep delivered findings through a variety of channels and mediums: a digital report useful to experts and parents alike, video Q&A’s with baby sleep expert Dr. Natalie Barnett, and a social campaign giving Nanit audiences useful insights about their child. Best known for its baby monitor, the State of Sleep established Nanit as a useful resource for families, while connecting audiences to its anchor product.

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