challenge Introduce the Lokai community and new customers to the newest bracelet - Orange - which is dedicated to de-stigmatizing mental health.

solution With RXM Creative, we produced a social campaign centered on words - and how sharing words and stories on mental health can help us all.

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Working with RXM Creative, the Orange campaign was a celebration of truth and words. The campaign was social, living mostly on Instagram.

left quotation markFrom Ink to Internet right quotation mark Asking for truths about mental health from the Lokai community, RXM commissioned artists to create art out of their words. We then took their creations, adding slight animations and tweaks to bring to life for social.

Mental health instagram post

This campaign allowed us to work with all different types of designers and artists - including Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh.

left quotation markCultivate the Power of Community right quotation mark Lokai really wanted to cultivate the power of their community for this campaign, so they commissioned Timothy and Jessica to live-illustrate the truths and thoughts that were commented by the community during the livestream. The result were beautiful pieces of art made up of the feelings of the Lokai community surrounding mental health.

Man and woman
Instagram live video of art