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website redesign

challenge Echo's outdated and disorganized website didn't reflect the quality nor standards of this staple New York brand.

solution A page-by-page redesign to simplify, condense, and create a smoother and more enjoyable UI/UX experience.

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Echo is known for making stylish products equal in equality to top designer brands, but with a more approachable price. Their silk scarves began that journey almost 100 years ago. From then to now, their product range has grown in spurts from accessories, to outerwear, to beachwear, all the way to home goods.

A disjointed website reflected that growth: an exciting amalgamation of beautiful product with no thought to the overarching organization.

Collaboration directly with the Echo family was key here in allowing us to restructure their site in a way that embraced the growth that occurred, and will account for any expansion in the future.

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