echo of an interesting woman

challenge Position Echo as the leading lifestyle brand in the digital age by uncovering it’s iconic heritage with “Echo of an Interesting Woman” that will live on the Echo website and broadcasted through various social media channels in honor of their 95th Anniversary.

solution Produce a campaign that pays homage to the original 1970's campaign by featuring and interviewing powerful women from all industries and backgrounds.

The original, iconic campaign from the 70's was and ahead of it's time. In reimagining it, we didn't want to lose the raw authenticity that the original campaign exuded. We kept backdrops and props minimal, focusing on each of the nine individual women - what inspires them, the lessons they've learned as they've grown older, what they still hope to accomplish, and of course - their favorite way to wear an Echo scarf.

As Donna Kalajian Lagani, Senior Project Director, The Hearst Foundations, said it best:

“My life motto - which I lived with for 24 years at Cosmo - was fun and fearless, and I'm female. So, [my life motto now is] fun, fearless, and female."

Just like the campaign.