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Soho Strut

rebrand & redesign


Highlight Soho Strut as the premiere destination for all things Soho and its founder, Danielle Nazinitsky as the go-to real estate agent in New York City.


Rebrand Soho Strut with an elegant and versatile design, and develop a custom, interactive map that allows Soho Strut to monetize advertising opportunities.

Soho Strut is the premiere neighborhood blog for Soho, Manhattan. It’s founder, Danielle Nazinitsky, also happens to be one of New York’s biggest up and coming real estate agents.

“Sophisticated & Trustworthy”

Danielle needed a website that remained an informative destination for tourists and locals, optimized profits, and highlighted her as a premiere real estate agent. We redesigned Soho Strut into a brand that exudes sophistication and class. Most importantly, we developed a custom, interactive map of Soho that highlights local retail businesses and allows visits to advertise businesses of their own as well.