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Engage NBA players, grow the NBPA Foundation's social presence, and most - importantly share the stories of NBA players as fathers and family men.


Produce #EverydayDad, a multi-channel social campaign sharing player stories - stories about the families they grew up in and the families they're raising today.


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The men of the NBA are more than just basketball players – they’re fathers, sons, husbands, and brothers. The problem? Nobody talks about that.

Along with the Fathers and Sons of Professional Basketball Players and the NBPA Foundation, we created #EverydayDad. The broad objective was to highlight who the men are off the court, but first we had to position the NBPA Foundation as a reliable storyteller for the players – and had to get the players on board.

“EverydayDad Was About Changing Perceptions”

Our approach was simple: let them do the talking. As it turns out, they have a lot to say – about how proud they are as husbands and fathers, and about their families and those who have influenced them along the way.

Through our social media strategy, content, and subsequent coffee table book, we increased the NBPA social footprint by over 200% and garnered interest from over 20 top players.

“Intrigue The Players”

We started with five players, but the goal was always to get all players in the league involved. After we wrapped the social campaign, we used the content to produce a hardcover coffee table book that was sent to all players in the league. Not only did the players love the videos we produced, but the coffee table book solidified interest from the players to continue the efforts.

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