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Introduce customers to Lokai's new Black & White bracelet.


Focusing on changing perceptions, along with our friends at RXM Creative we produced the #ChooseToChange campaign using 360 video.


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The #ChooseToChange campaign celebrated the launch of the brand’s Black & White bracelets. The bracelets – which are sold together – symbolize life’s valleys and peaks, and how once we choose to change our own fate we can help change the fate of others.

“Changing Perceptions”

The campaign features World Champion Fencer and two-time Olympian Miles Chamley-Watson; model and activist with albinism Diandra Forrest; and trainer and motivational speaker Jacy Cunningham. Each story told focused on individual struggle, perseverance and triumph for those who chose to change their perspective instead of letting life beat them down.

Working with RXM Creative, we wanted to produce a campaign in the vein of the popular “tiny planet” videos. Using the Nokia OZO360 and some very serious skill in post production, we produced videos using “tiny planet” and traditional footage. Each being unique to the individual, the videos gave a feeling of being on top of the world or totally encapsulated by it. The perfect metaphor for life’s highs and lows.

black and white 360 degree perspective shot of woman on swing set in city
black and white outdoors, back of tattooed person, hands clasped behind head, lokai bracelets
black and white 360 degree perspective shot, man standing with outstretched arms, outdoor basketball court in city
black and white image, man with hands in prayer position in front of face, tattooed arms, lokai bracelets