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social presence


Successfully position KK&Jay in the apparel and accessory marketplace, our two main barriers being an outdated online shopping experience and a plateau in sales.


Create a seamless sales-driven experience from playful social channels to a clean e-commerce site, conveying the need for KK&Jay's superior shirttail garters and suspenders.

Outside of military members, shirttail garters are not an accessory that men (or women) think about too often, but the truth is everyone could stand to look a little more tucked.

The newly designed website includes an entire section dedicated to educating consumers on KK&Jay’s garters and suspenders – a tool that has proven to be instrumental in eliminating the “why” of this product’s existence and increasing the “buy” of products from the new website.

When we produced content for the new website, we also made sure to capture enough content to plan for monthly social media campaigns. Each month had a theme and solidified KK&Jay’s brand presence.