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Hickey Freeman

purpose never ends


Increase ecomm sales while promoting Hickey Freeman's new CSR initiative, working with veterans in the local Rochester community.


Produce a powerful 360 campaign highlighting how valuable our veterans are while showcasing their accomplishments.


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Since their humble beginnings over 117 years ago, Hickey Freeman has been dedicated to manufacturing, hiring, and training domestically. Focusing on their local veterans community in Rochester, the brand has partnered with NGOs such as Veterans on Wall Street (VOWS) and FourBlock, that help prepare returning veterans for their next chapter.

“Invest in veterans. Invest in America”

Inspired by Hickey Freeman’s very own Jacob Sipple – a Marine veteran who now works as a Hickey Freeman supervisor, Purpose Never Ends was created to challenge the idea that all veterans come back from service broken. Instead, we posit that the military prepares veterans for life in a way that we can never imagine. This campaign highlighted five men who have returned from service and continued to be incredibly successful beyond their service – showing how valuable the skills learned in the military can be for a veteran returning home to civilian life. In addition to Jacob, the campaign consisted of four other veterans: Jake Wood of Team Rubicon, Wes Moore of The Robin Hood Foundation, Sunny Li of Citi, and Joe Cardona of the New England Patriots. We spent a day with each veteran, learning who they were when they entered the military, who they became during their service, and how that translated to civilian life.