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Help the internal 4-H Digital team increase donations and engagement by improving and iterating on digital marketing efforts - both social and email.


Dedicate a team to 4-H. Work with the internal team to carefully research and craft campaigns, test creative and audiences, and produce real-time reporting data that allows us to iterate quickly to maximize budgets.


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4-H sends dozens of emails a month – in addition to the management of those campaigns we redesigned several of the email templates resulting in greater click-through and engagement rates.

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The majority of 4-H campaigns are focused on donations that help fund their initiatives – as we started to work together we realized that the ‘Donation Page’ could be working a lot better for them. We didn’t have much flexibility in changing the Donation page, so we came up with a specific set of changes within the existing framework that helped encourage donations and reduce the bounce rate.

We moved the button up above the fold, removed unnecessary questions, and enacted a clear CTA. The changes resulted in the bounce rate reducing 117%.

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