Written by: Kworq Team on Mon Jan 09

Motion Capture: Innovation at our Fingertips

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Gather ‘round for some techie show and tell.

Written by: Rachel Clancy

Innovation in the advertising industry is happening quickly, and we’re keeping up. As a creative agency, we’ve recently acquired some pretty cool gadgets—but they’re much more than some shiny new toys.

Enter: Manus Tracking Metagloves. Using powerful sensors, this motion capture device has the ability to track drag-free finger motion down to the millimeter. The sensors collect data that is sent to software, which then produces a digital copy of the hand in real time. The 3D rendering is impeccably accurate, no matter the complexity of the motion.

And, the gloves can be paired with additional Xsens motion capture gear. Together, they create hyper-realistic animations of the human body.

This is the same cutting-edge equipment that has powered blockbuster productions and lifelike video games such as Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, Stranger Things, Call of Duty and Fifa. Now, we have this technology at our fingertips (pun intended).

Besides being really, really cool, motion capture tech is an invaluable investment. This new technology allows us to streamline the animation process like never before, maximizing cost and time efficiency. Moving forward, we’ll have the ability to quickly apply realistic animations across all sorts of productions and campaigns. An optimized workflow also expands our capability to take on larger, more complex projects. We’re thrilled to be taking part in something that can revolutionize the advertising industry as a whole.

“Jobs that used to take us six months can now be done in two”

Here’s what Chris Gomez, our resident tech guru (and producer) has to say about how valuable the gear is: “Motion capture is a powerful tool that allows us to create high-quality animations more quickly and accurately than with traditional hand animation techniques. Jobs that used to take us six months can now be done in two. The Xsens suit is great because it gives creative agencies a cost-effective way to capture motion where in the past, such techniques were relegated to large, specialized studios.”

Here at Kworq, we welcome any and all opportunities to evolve. Understandably though, the creative community has been historically skeptical of welcoming technological innovation that threatens to replace jobs once done by humans. There are valid concerns there. However, we strongly believe that nothing will ever truly replace human creativity. Integrating new systems to consolidate productions can actually make more room for the creative process, as opposed to stifling it.

We’re looking forward to exploring the possibilities of our new equipment, and the sky’s the limit with the many ways it can be implemented. And, of course, goofing off a bit in the process.


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