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MEET THE TEAM: Christopher Gomez | Junior Editor/Producer

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A LITTLE BIT ABOUT CHRISTOPHER: Born and raised in Kentucky, transplanted to Florida, and now livin’ it up in NYC. Avid climber, recreational cyclist, and overall adventurer-type. An optimistic skeptic. History buff. You can often find him sitting in the park, people-watching, pretending to read a book.


What’s your role at Kworq? How long have you been here?

I’m a Junior Editor/Producer here at Kworq, and I started WAY back in June of 2021.

What attracted you to this role at Kworq vs any other agency?

I think personally I fit much better with a smaller agency like Kworq. There’s more of a family vibe, I have the ability to get really involved with a project, and only having to remember 11 people’s names is pretty nice.  Kworq also has such a wide variety of clients from different industries, the type of work I’m doing never gets monotonous.

Where is your portrait taken? Why this place? What’s the significance?

This was taken on the Allen Malls! I picked this place because it’s where I currently live, so there’s a good chance you’ll find me in and around the malls.  The window in my apartment overlooks the malls so whether I’m working, watching TV, or just reading a book, I spend a lot of time looking down on them. Also this is the spot where Abbi and Ilana met in Broad City, so it’s basically hallowed ground.

Why’d you choose to go into the Advertising and Marketing industry?

In college I was really interested in working on film and television sets, but as I got older and more involved in the video industry, I realized that I didn’t want to live the lifestyle that comes with working on larger productions. So for me advertising is a good mix of being able to work on high-end productions, but also being able to maintain meaningful relationships with friends and family.

What’s the coolest part about working in advertising?

Watching television with the fam and having something you’ve worked on come up and  then jumping up like so:


What’s the uncoolest part about working advertising?

All the paperwork involved with producing a video.

What’s an unexpected perk of working at an agency like Kworq in this industry?

Kworq is different from other agencies because we don’t have super strict roles within the company so we’re free to explore and try out anything we have an interest in and if we’re good at it, then whatever that is can become part of our job responsibilities.

What are some challenges of the business?

My biggest challenge working at an ad agency is balancing work with several different clients at once. During especially busy times I don’t have the time I’d like to have to dive deep into each project, so I have to be very efficient with how much time I spend on each task throughout the day.

What’s something new you learned since working at Kworq? Doesn’t have to be work related. Could be silly, informative, fun, useful, a life skill, etc.

Did you know Apple uses motion tracking  and advanced scene processing to create artificial eye-contact during FaceTime calls? Neither did I. They’re shifting your eyeballs, people!

What’s life look like for you in 5 years? Screw reality, what’s the “if I won the lottery” answer?

If I won the lottery? Four words, stay-at-home-dad.

What inspires you in your work?

My family. I always enjoy showing them what I’m up to, so I always want to do my best if they’re gonna see it.

How do you stay creative outside of the Kworq offices?

I think it’s pretty easy to do in my field. I watch film, television, and especially the ads,  looking at them through the lens of someone who makes videos. I’m constantly paying attention to the lighting, the camera movement, and different editing styles implemented throughout the piece.

All photography by Gabriela Della Corna.

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