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Let's Get Weird: 6 Reasons You Should Definitely NOT Attend

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We love showbiz. We love weirdos. Mix them together, and poof! Let’s Get Weird!

“What’s Let’s Get Weird?”

We’re so glad you asked. It’s a night of pure creative madness as the most brilliantly bizarre minds in NYC come together to stage the ultimate talent show. Get ready for an unforgettable experience full of stand-up comedy, contemporary tap dancing, soulful singing, bodacious burlesque, and absurd clowning (to name a few).

“Why is Let’s Get Weird happening?”

At Kworq, we’re not afraid to try something new, and we definitely don’t like being boxed in. We’re constantly evolving and experimenting, whether it’s with our work, our services, or even our office space. This event is a chance for us to exercise our creativity and push the limits of what we can pull off. We’re always looking for ways to challenge ourselves and expand our horizons, and Let’s Get Weird is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

But Let’s Get Weird isn’t just about us—it’s also about our community. Since making the move from Crosby Street in Soho to Gowanus just over a year ago, we’ve been eager to get to know our neighbors and show them what we’re all about. We want to welcome them into our space, share some laughs, and build stronger connections within our community.

“Where is Let’s Get Weird happening?”

Kworq’s studio: 124 9th St, Suite 242, Brooklyn, NY 11215

“When is Let’s Get Weird happening?”

May 11th, 2023. Doors open at 7:00pm. The show starts at 8:00pm.

“Who is Let’s Get Weird for?”

Let’s Get Weird is open to all (21+) New Yorkers with a knack for the weird and wacky—whether you’re there to entertain or observe.

“Oh no, it’s coming up quick! Is it too late to audition?”

There’s still time! Click here to submit your talent.

“Where can I get tickets?”

Click here to score your tickets!

We could list a hundred reasons why you should go, but who wants to hear those? Here’s 6 reasons you shouldn’t go.

1. Side-splitting humor may or may not have medical repercussions.

With some laugh-out-loud comedic acts lined up, we can’t be held responsible for sore cheeks and split sides.

2. Performers beware: $500 grand prize at stake.

According to our calculations, with that kind of money, you could buy 933 chicken mcnuggets, a discount flight simulator, or 14 inflatable swimming pools. How will you ever decide? Best to just skip.

3. Complimentary wine and snacks? No, thank you.

If you don’t want to sip and snack for free while watching the show of a lifetime, this event is definitely not for you.

4. A chance to win Brooklyn-based goodies and browse local art? Bo-ring!

Yawn! The idea of winning the exciting raffle for a range of Brooklyn-based prizes or browsing through unique artwork and goods from Human Flower Productions doesn’t really pique your interest, does it?

5. Charity isn’t your thing.

All proceeds from Let’s Get Weird will be donated to Gowanus Mutual Aid, an organization that uplifts and strengthens the community. If you’re not interested in supporting a good cause, you definitely shouldn’t attend.

6. You can’t get down with the weirdness.

While we can’t relate, we get it! If your ideal night would rather be spent organizing your spreadsheets or color-coding your sock drawer, more power to you.

All jokes aside…

Despite all of these very convincing reasons why you shouldn’t attend/perform at Let’s Get Weird, we’re confident that you’ll want to join in on the fun anyway. Whether you’re interested in showcasing your own quirky talent or watching others do so, there’s something for everyone at this off-beat event. So mark your calendars (or don’t) for May 11th and prepare yourself for a night of oddities, laughter, and community love. We’ll see you there!

And of course, we wouldn’t dream of leaving you without a glimpse of what’s in store:



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