Written by: Kworq Team on Thu Dec 15

A Creative Founding: Kworq & The Founder Institute

Kworq partners with The Founder Institute to provide creative resources to entrepreneurs, fostering growth and innovation in the startup ecosystem.

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We are happy to announce we are partnering up with The Founder Institute to offer better creative resources for current and recent founders of the program. This is something both ourselves at Kworq and those at The Founder Institute are extremely excited about!

What is The Founder Institute?

The Founder Institute is a world’s premier startup launch program for talented entrepreneurs. The talent accepted into the program go through an incredible training process with a curriculum that is all action, and no theory. The Founder Institute creates a collaborative ecosystem to foster relationships and allows entrepreneurs to work together to achieve their overall goals.

Why The Collaboration between Kworq & The Founder Institute?

Have you ever built something from scratch? Even before you did anything, you already knew you were going to have your work cut out for you. Yet, you wanted to build something. That specific something. And when you accomplished it…the feeling was incredible. At Kworq, we know that feeling. And getting to that feeling is hard. It’s unknown territory and there is a lot of moving parts.

Entrepreneurs building companies are determined. They have a goal in mind and they are on their way to accomplishing it. Along that road they learn many new things - certain things they never even planned for. At some point creative comes up, whether it’s a pitch deck, a video explaining the product, a website, logo design, social media or marketing materials. Kworq is collaborating with The Founder Institute to be there during those times as a resource for founders offering flexibility and transparency on achieving their creative needs.

It’s Just The Beginning.

We have already worked with a few of the Founders that have graduated from the Founder Institute launch camp as well as The Founder Institute itself. We look forward to this new partnership and are excited to work with many more entrepreneurs in the new year!


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