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5 Emotional Stages of Watching the News

Navigate the emotional rollercoaster of staying informed with our guide on the 5 emotional stages of watching the news, from anticipation to acceptance.

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Have you ever said, “I’m done with the news,” and found yourself glued to a morning segment only moments later? Do you actually get excited when Kellyanne Conway appears on live television? Is Anderson Cooper’s voice your only source of comfort in today’s news frenzy?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, watching the news has you riding an emotional roller coaster. Maybe you are sick and tired of the banter and petty on-air arguments, but it is too late to stop now. You can’t imagine a time without the highs and lows you feel when flipping through your favorite news channels. Read on as we explain the 5 emotional stages of watching the news in hopes that you can finally get off that roller coaster and back to your own life.


Stage 1: Anticipation

If you have ever settled in on your couch for a Ted Cruz vs Bernie Sanders debate then you know this feeling all too well. Like the swift downfall of Anthony Scaramucci, you know you won’t be able to look away from whatever is about to go down.


Stage 2: Excitement

You are in it now. The arguments, the debates, the live panels. The beginning of every segment is like the bell at the beginning of a wrestling match. Are you not entertained?!


Stage 3: Bargaining

How did this happen? How could he say that? Is she serious right now? First off, stop shouting at your TV. We get it, you would do anything to stop the madness.


Stage 4: Disbelief

Is it really breaking news if the anchor declares it five times within a fifteen-minute period? How is this even decided?? Irritation levels are at an all-time high and at this point all feelings of excitement are long gone.


Stage 5: Acceptance

Let’s face it. You can’t watch every James Comey interview across all networks. Maybe you can miss a live debate, and maybe you don’t need to follow every media outlet on Twitter. There will be no shortage of breaking news whenever you choose to tune in.

Written & Illustrated By: Alysia Wilkinson


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