We are a Creative Agency
& Production Company

Kworq was founded in 2012 by Guy Peires and Chris Sullivan. Truthfully, the magic started to happen about ten years prior.

Guy was a career Director of Photography with dozens of commercials and a few features under his belt. Chris started a small production company that he sold to Code and Theory, where he later became Director of Post Production. Then the two started collaborating together on side projects.

The guys were known for producing some of the best looking stuff around and eventually decided to make Kworq official. In the beginning it was just Guy and Chris doing what they did best. Then those big ad agencies started asking for their creative input, and more and more they were involved in big projects from the very beginning.

Everyone always asks us - do we produce our own work? The answer is always yes. Making beautiful and thought-provoking content is second nature to us - that has never changed. Some things have changed, though. Kworq has evolved from two guys who like to make cool sh*t to a creative team made up of producers, designers, writers, coders, and weirdos. And we’ve gone from working only with agencies to working with agencies, startups, and established brands alike.

New York City
Born & Bred

Perfectly situated in the Bermuda Triangle of delicious coffee, delectable lunch spots, and endless happy hour choices.