who we are

We’re a group of producers, designers, writers, strategists, and weirdos who love a good story. We do that by creating in house, while measuring everything to ensure you get the returns you need. It’s part of our “science of story,” and we hope you’ll join us in this crazy experiment.

We got started when Guy Peires and Chris Sullivan—friends and veterans from the ad world—began Kworq as a production company, working with the big agencies. But as those accounts grew, so did our work, covering everything from data to creative.

By design, our “science-of-story” approach has always been insights-driven. But we haven’t forgotten our roots. As storytellers first, we’re driven by what connects us to others. And that’s where the “science” comes in: we measure, analyze and crunch the numbers to make sure we’re doing the job. Driven by empathy and informed by data, we’ll build out your brand’s full experience and story.