Rocky is our unofficial mascot and the Kworq office dog. Born in July, this 7 year old little lady is very affectionate and so fluffy. Rocky loves attention, bike rides, and tennis balls — this gal also likes to jump over puddles and will definitely lick your face. Sometimes she pretends she can’t jump very high when she totally can. She’s very smart and uses her good looks to get carrots at lunch time. Rocky is our Project Manager, Sacha’s dog and we asked her a few questions about Rocky!  (Besides the obvious – Rocky is a very good dog. VGD.) 



What type of dog is Rocky?

Rocky is 100% Pomeranian – specifically a Parti Pom, which refers to her coloring.  

Does Rocky enjoy coming to the office?  

Oh my gosh, yes! She’s so excited every morning – I call out “Rocky! Do you want to go to work now?” and she comes running down the hall ready to jump in either the backpack (if we’re biking) or the tote bag (if we’re taking the train.) When we get to the Kworq building, she literally hops up the stairs and pulls herself up to get to our door asap because she’s so eager to get to work.

What’s a typical day for Rocky at Kworq?

She starts her work day off with a dental chew (and will whine if I forget to give it to her right away) and then she mostly just chills all day. Throughout the day she likes to keep our seats warm – anytime someone gets up, she’ll hop in their seat until they return. We go for a walk around SoHo at 2pm to get some fresh air. She spends most of her time just being cute and getting pet.



Does everyone at Kworq enjoy having a dog in the office?

For sure – Rocky gets a lot of love here. How could anyone NOT enjoy having this earth angel around? She’s super sweet and brings a lot of joy to everyone because she’s always smiling. Petting a dog is a great stress-reliever too, which is a great benefit in any office setting.

Why did you and Rocky choose this place to take your pictures?

Rocky likes to pee on the cobblestones of Howard and Crosby.

What is Rocky’s favorite thing to do?

She loves being pet and stretching – she does a great downward dog. I think her favorite thing ever is eating forbidden human food. She freakin loves searching for food scraps on the sidewalk – which means I can’t take my eyes off her while we’re walking.



Some people say dogs are a reflection of their owners. Do you think Rocky has any of your traits?

Definitely! I think we have very similar energy. She generally acts like a lil goofball Princess – like mother like dog-ter.

If Rocky had an official title at Kworq….What would it be?

Emotional Support Specialist. 

If you had the ability to talk to animals, what is the first question you would ask Rocky?

Ooooh that’s a good question. I would ask her how she knows who’s walking down the hall before they get to the door. She can sense people are coming from a ways out, and she never barks when it’s someone she knows. And then I would tell her to please stop eating random things off the ground — it’s not because I don’t want her to enjoy life, but because I don’t want her to puke on the couch.  I would also tell her that if she has to puke, please do it on the hardwood and not the couch.


All photography by Gabriela Della Corna.


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