Cydney Schwartz is a southerner now living in NYC. She is originally from New Orleans, and has lived in Atlanta for the past 14 years but she refuses to say she’s from there.

She is a graphic designer who dreams of being a stand-up comedian. When she is not at work she enjoys binge watching the same 3 shows over and over, exploring New York City with her friends, and of course watching the New Orleans Saints WHO DAT?!



What is your role at Kworq? How long have you worked here?

I am a graphic designer and I have been working here for 3 months.

Where were you photographed? Why was that your choice?  

I was photographed at the new plant store Rooted! I love being surrounded by plants, but I have not mastered keeping any of them alive. I guess I won’t be getting a pet anytime soon.

Why did you want to work at Kworq?

Funny enough I first was drawn to Kworq when I came across their blog and saw the Meet The Team posts. I saw what an awesome community and environment Kworq had and felt it would be a great place to work.



What led you to get into the advertising industry?

There is so much to learn in advertising, and it’s a great way to continue growing my skills both in design and creative thinking.

What is your favorite part about working in advertising? 

I get to collaborate with so many different types of brands and industries.

What is your least favorite part about working in advertising?

Sometimes we have limitations put on our creativity.

What’s the hardest part about what you do?

Some days you may not have the inspiration to create things to the best of your ability.


Where do you want to be in five years?

I honestly have no idea, and I think that is okay. If you would have asked me that same question 5 years ago I would have said living in Israel, and look where I am now. I still want to be in the design industry unless my dream of becoming a stand up comedian takes off! SNL hire me!

What’s your greatest inspiration for what you do?

TYPOGRAPHY! TYPOGRAPHY! TYPOGRAPHY! I love looking at old signage, magazine layouts, book covers, and opening title sequences. I am constantly looking around and taking photos of typography. That is 100% my greatest inspiration.

What was the last thing you watched that you really liked? Why?

Modern Love on Amazon Prime. What a fantastic show. Go watch right now!

How do you keep the creative juices flowing outside of Kworq?

I follow a lot of design Instagram accounts that give me ideas for creative projects outside of work (typical millennial answer). But I really enjoy walking around New York City taking photos, people watching, and reading. This city is really inspiring (also extremely draining)!


All photography by Gabriela Della Corna.


Meet More of the Kworq Team: 

Project Manager: Eurah Lee

Art Director: Gabriela Della Corna

Executive Producer: Robin Baudreau