For thousands of years, astrology was synonymous with astronomy. 

Written by: Rachel Clancy

Humans have been looking to the stars for answers for thousands of years. Its origins can be traced back to ancient civilizations, including the Greeks, Egyptians, and Babylonians, who studied the movements of celestial bodies and linked them to human behavior and events on earth. Over time, astrology evolved into a complex system of beliefs and practices, with different cultures developing their own unique approaches to interpreting the stars.

Of course, the advancement of science has provided no concrete backing to astrological theory. But all hope is not lost. In Astrology isn’t science, but your horoscope is more real than you think, Dr. Russell Foster explains that “at its basic level, astrology is saying that when you’re born will influence your biology… there is absolutely a statistical impact of when you were born on a whole range of our different parameters”, lending the idea at least some level of credence.

Not convinced? Here’s why you should be paying attention anyway.

While the jury is still out on whether astrology is to be believed or not, it’s an undeniable cultural phenomenon. Astrology’s recent popularity spike can more than likely be attributed to the landslide of social unrest beginning in 2016, continuing all the way through the devastation of the pandemic. It was a series of unfortunate events (to grossly understate it) that made all of us keenly aware of how unpredictable and precarious life on Earth can be. Still reeling and seeking answers, many turned to astrology. 

Banu Gular, founder of the wildly popular astrology app Co-Star, has an interesting perspective about the resurgence. She believes that the significance of astrology isn’t about whether people believe in it or not, but rather how it can help people. In the same video essay mentioned earlier, she says, 

 “On social media…. everyone’s got this really polished version of themselves. But using astrology, they’re having really earnest conversations about who they are, and what kinds of people they love, and which kind of people break their hearts, and why they’re having, like, an emotional hard time… having even a language to talk about these things with, it just gives people a way to do that.”

People—especially the generation coming of age—yearn to feel heard and understood at an emotional level. Astrology is an external vehicle for expression, a covert form of communication for those not yet comfortable with stark vulnerability. A recent Insider poll found that young people are more likely to believe in astrology, and use it in their daily lives. They’ve taken it to the internet, creating countless social media pages and apps dedicated to astrology. And in true Gen Z and Millennial fashion, astrology has become a huge part of meme culture:

Savvy brands have already tapped into astrology marketing as a way to connect with their younger demographic. And it is lucrative. All that being said, brands still “bah-humbug”-ing might want to reconsider. 

How our stars align

We wanted to join in on all the astrological fun, so we did an exploration into the team’s astrological placements. Let’s start with the basics:

After getting an idea of how each team member relates to astrology, everyone explored their sign’s profile on Co-Star to familiarize themselves with their traits, strengths, and weaknesses. Here’s their thoughts:


“Regardless of your beliefs, did you find that any of your traits align with that of your sign?”


“Not really, maybe brooding protagonist.”


I am BIGGGGGG on astrology and look at my costar every day. I very much identify with my big 3 signs (sun in Sag, moon in Aquarius, rising in Scorpio). I’m obsessed with freedom, express myself through creativity, dissociate in times of high stress/trauma, often question the constructs of society, and can sometimes be a little mysterious with my emotions.”


“I first answered no when asked if I believe in astrology. LOL. I clicked on the link and the first 10 bullet points were me to a T…”


“Socially speaking I’ve tended to be an avoidant person and Libras are notoriously known for that as well as “seeing both sides” which can many times do us more harm than good. I can’t agree with everything though, I think there’s more to look at than the Sun sign to better know someone’s personality traits. For example, the co-star page says Libras hate being alone, but my moon sign (and general state of mind) will disagree.”


“3/5. I look so cool in a leather jacket.”


“How do you think your sign influences your creative style/career paths/motivations (in and out of work)?”

Gemini (Creative Director)

“I’m a big believer in pairing things that aren’t traditionally paired together when it comes to design and also style, which bodes well for the gemini-twins-polar-opposites vibe. I also believe that I am very empathetic and kind in my leadership style at work, but I know when to turn on the “don’t **** with me” energy, because ultimately I’m here to get things done and make sure things are functioning at their highest capacity! We love efficiency! And communication!!!!”

Scorpio (Designer)

“Scorpio and creativity are synonyms. We are not afraid to take a risk and go bold, we are good at manipulating and reading people, and this is a win-win combination for advertisement. All or nothing. My sign is part of my personality.”

Aries (Account Director)

“Aries are driven by a desire to prove themselves and their strength. They have high energy, and are competitive and ambitious. They naturally take charge because they are good at initiating new projects” pretty much sums up the reason I am in the role that I am. I will say though this article definitely called me out on easy boredom.”


“Did any famous (insert your sign here) catch your eye? Who and why? Do you see bits of yourself in any of them?”


“Frida Kahlo – because she’s awesome. And maybe.”


“I share a birthday with Al Roker and Demi Lovato, and I think that’s pretty cool!”


“Kendrick Lamar – I can see as a gemini he found his outlet to describe the tangled mess in his world. His music is a reflection of his life and wrapped into music in a way where only Geminis can understand.”


“Frank Ocean, his music is basically the soundtrack of my life.”


Omg 100%. I think about this all the time lol. Jean Michel Basquiat, Tina Turner, NICKI MINAJ! Sagittarius legends. Also obsessed with Julia Fox being an Aquarius because I think she is the perfect representation of what defines an Aquarius lol.”


“Stevie Nicks. I just want to be her. I aspire to reach her level of free-spiritedness. I love art, music, spirituality, witchy-ness, all things her.


“Final thoughts on astrology?”


In the words of Courtney Barnett “I’m a fake, I’m a phony, I’m awake, I’m alone, I’m homely, I’m a Scorpio.”


“Astrology seems to be hit or miss. It can be pretty spot on for some people but of course, some things just don’t align. I think Aries get a bad rep for being fiery but I’d like to argue I’m very sweet and soft hehe.”


“Don’t waste your time.”



We’re all stars

Whether astrology is a way to connect, understand, or a source of humor, its influence is a runaway train that shows no signs of slowing down. Our exploration of astrology within our creative agency has helped us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and our team members, and has provided a unique lens through which to view our work. 

While astrology may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it continues to give people a way to communicate and relate earnestly. For marketers, it comes down to simple supply and demand. As long as people seek this kind of connection and understanding, astrology will always be in demand.