Joaquin is from Swedesboro, NJ and mostly listens to hour-long DJ sets. He has passions for fishing, throwing 70 mph fastballs, and being the driver on road trips.

Starting in 2018, Joaquin joined the Kworq team and has a role in creating content for Subatomic TV. You can find Joaquin bustin’ out dance moves during any time of the day.

What is your role at Kworq?  How long have you worked here?

I am the Office PA at Kworq, I assist in whatever help the Kworq team may need. I’ve worked at Kworq full time for a little over two months now but I was an intern for three months first. I also have a role in helping produce content for our Youtube channel, Subatomic TV. In addition, I help manage one of the social media accounts, assist with creative ideas and scripting, as well as man the camera (my favorite).

Where were you photographed? Why was that your choice?

On the streets of SoHo. The thing I enjoy the most about NYC is just being able to walk around and see what you stumble upon unexpectedly. The first time I came to the city as a kid, the neighborhood I remembered the most was SoHo. So it’s cool to remember a neighborhood as a kid and say I work there now! Plus, the people around here are always poppin’.

Why did you want to work at Kworq?

I was a video intern for three months at Kworq contributing to their original comedy channel, Subatomic TV. Everything just clicked. I enjoyed coming in every week to produce original ideas with Cassie and the rest of the team. So after the internship at Kworq, I was offered, as The Godfather would say, “an offer he can’t refuse”. The rest is history. *sunglasses emoji*



Why did you get into Advertising?

I like the quicker turnaround of projects. I couldn’t see myself working on a two and a half hour movie. It’s hard for me to work on the same project for long periods of time before I want to pull my hair out just thinking about it.  So for me to be able to participate in any way to help the rest of the team reach their goal quicker, I’m all in.

What is your favorite part about working in advertising? 

Learning about the statistics if people are actually seeing what we are putting out and buying into it. To also see data of where people are coming to view our content from different sources is very intriguing to me.

What is your least favorite part about working in advertising?

I would say aligning with current trends. One day something is on trend and all over the internet but the next day it could just be gone. Poof. For brands to try and align with currents trends in a timely manner is just crazy. But it doesn’t mean it’s not possible!

What’s the hardest part about what you do?

When writing comedy sketches for Subatomic TV, the hardest thing is learning how to vary my joke styles. I’m attracted to creating visual comedy more than dialogue. But that’s why Cassie and I are a good mix, she is the backbone of our dialogue comedy. It’s awesome how much she has taught to me to improve my script writing skills.



Where do you want to be in five years?

I think it’s safe to say I don’t really know yet work wise. But, I know in five years I want to feel balanced and happy with where I am at. I would also like to be physically closer to my family in some way. Since moving to the city I’ve learned more about appreciating the company of those you call family.

What’s your greatest inspiration for what you do?

My family, closest friends and the ability to one day teach others. I am grateful for the amount of knowledge I have been passed down, and it’s selfish to hold it all to myself and not pass it on. The ability to share the knowledge of skills I have accumulated to others is one the beauties of life.

What was the last thing you watched that you really liked? Why?

I would have to say the last thing I watched that I really liked was “How to Get Out of Jury Duty” by the YouTuber Mr. ForthRight. The guy is a total legend; he was 86 years old when he made the video. I really enjoyed the video because last summer I got stuck on jury duty for a week and truly made an effort to get out of it without being rude. If I would have seen this video before I went jury duty I would be one paycheck richer today.

How do you keep the creative juices flowing outside of Kworq?

Consume everything around you. I like to blend ideas, experiences, and observations in my everyday life and apply them to my work and videos. The beauty about creating original content is that you can exaggerate those real-life experiences with your own twist.


All photography by Gabriela Della Corna.


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